Some Stuff I Wrote (And Then Published)

Encyclopedia Rabbitica

Check out my pet book on pet rabbit care and socialization, and I'm always updating it. The book is copyright-protected but available for free, though I request a $1 donation for my efforts. C'mon, what's a buck?

This book is based on the articles I wrote for a (now-defunct) rabbit rescue's website, and those articles earned recognition from five continents for their value in instructively and entertainingly explaining critical issues.

[Last update: February 4, 2014]

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Download is free, but a $1 donation requested from those who are able (since I believe this information is too important to restrict to those who might pay, I am publishing it for free and putting it in the public trust)

Electronic Countermeasures

Check out my album of original music, first published in 1995 by DSM Producers in New York, for use as background music for TV, movies, commercials, presentations, etc.

This is commercially available from CDBABY.COM for download, and the pricing is $0.88/piece or $8.88 for the entire 19 pieces in the album.

1Machine Dreams 3:39
2Fly By Wire 2:23
3I Told You So 1:11
4The Criminal Mind 2:12
5The Looking Glass 3:42
6Ellipsis 1:54
7The Civilized World 2:27
8Destiny 3:06
9Awaken 1:58
10Bloom 2:23
11Thrive 2:30
12Goodnight Lover 2:58
13Daybreak 1:04
14I Was Just Thinking 3:50
15A Place I Once Knew 6:48
16Destination Unknown 4:22
17Alchemy 0:59
18Mad Scientists I-V 9:46
19Exile II-III 9:27

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Some More Stuff I Wrote (Technical Articles in Software Engineering and Test Automation)

Advanced Programming in Expect:
A Bulletproof Interface

©1999, David L. Fisher, The Linux Gazette

Advanced Programming in Expect:
sHellspawn - Demons in the Daemons

©2011, David L. Fisher, The Linux Gazette

Advanced Programming in Expect:
Prompt Your Prompts

©2013, David L. Fisher, The Linux Gazette

Advanced Programming in Expect:
A Detailed Analysis of Internal Diagnostics

©2014, David L. Fisher, (local)

Advanced Programming in Expect:
Resource Attrition, Wait States, and Graceful Recovery in Large Automated Systems

©2014, David L. Fisher, (local)[Coming soon!!]

Advanced Programming in Expect:
Regular Expressions Revisited

©2014, David L. Fisher
[Coming soon!!]

And Yet More Stuff I Wrote (Some Astrophysics Papers - There was nothing on TV)

Black Holes, Superdense Objects, and Their Role in the Fate of the Universe

©1985, David L. Fisher
Tufts University
(and yes, there is a plus next to the A in the transcript)

Our universe contains black holes, and the Hubble Space Telescope found them everywhere. This paper was written well before the discoveries so they are treated as purely theoretical in this paper I wrote in college almost 30 years ago. I demonstrate the necessity for the acceptance of their existence and also explain what a black hole really is, and what our universe really is.